Xiamen Port is easing the container strain

       Influenced by the COVID-19 epidemic, the operation of foreign ports has not been smooth since last year, and a large number of empty containers have been overloaded overseas, resulting in the short-term dilemma of “one container is hard to find” at China’s domestic ports.

       Statistics show that after the container throughput increased by 9.63% year-on-year in January this year and exceeded one million TEU for eight consecutive months, Xiamen Port hit a record high in February with a year-on-year increase of 27.12%. In the first two months of this year, Xiamen Port completed a total container throughput of 1.827,200 TEUs, up 16.8% year on year.

       Facing the new situation of container shortage, Xiamen authorities have issued a policy of supporting empty container transfer, encouraging shipping enterprises to carry out empty container transfer business in foreign trade, and attracting them to build an empty container transport center in Xiamen, so as to relieve the container shortage situation of import and export enterprises. Logistics companies encourage employees to work during the holidays to ensure the smooth flow of goods. During the Spring Festival, all docks at Xiamen Port operated normally. Large container ships of over 150,000 tons made 20 calls at the port, an increase of 20 percent year on year. The Silk Road shipping route has been built for 51 times, with a container throughput of 62,500 TEU, an increase of 110% year on year. Xiamen authorities also support enterprises to step up efforts to repair abandoned and old containers, maximize reuse, guide terminal and shipping enterprises to increase orders for empty containers, and urge container manufacturers to expand production and increase the supply of empty containers at full capacity.

       According to relevant data, as of February 18 this year, the empty containers of the top 10 foreign trade shipping companies in Xiamen, including Maersk, COSCO Shipping, Mediterranean, CAFI and Evergreen, have reached 94,000 TEU and 51,000 TEU of cargo containers waiting to be unloaded. This effectively alleviates the shortage of cargo containers at Xiamen Port, provides strong support for unimpedes the international logistics channel and promotes both domestic and international circulation.

Post time: Apr-06-2021