Anxi Rattan Iron Production Base promoted to “national level”

       Recently, the Ministry of Commerce identified a number of new national foreign trade transformation and upgrading bases, Quanzhou Anxi Rattan home technology base on the list. Anxi rattan & iron home technology is a national intangible cultural heritage project. After more than 60 years of cultivation, development, transformation and upgrading, it has not only become the pillar industry of the livelihood of Anxi County, cultural and creative industry and a strong county industry, but also made a positive contribution to the inheritance, innovation and international exchange of rattan and iron technology. In 2020, the output value of anxi rattan and iron home handicrafts reached 20 billion yuan, and the import and export reached 1.7 billion yuan, ranking first in the same kind of products counties (cities) in China.

        In recent years, Anxi County has continuously introduced supportive policies to build industrial platforms and train technological talents, especially in the aspect of innovation and creativity, to promote the industry from “selling handcraft” to “selling culture”, to meet the personalized needs of products.

        With the inheritance and innovation of generations of craftsmen, anxi rattan and iron technology has transformed from an unremarkable cane into a livelihood industry weaving the dream of prosperity. It is understood that anxi has more than 2,200 home furnishing technology enterprises, employing 150,000 people, and their products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions in the world.

        Anxi Rattan & Iron Home craft base has been identified as the national foreign trade transformation and upgrading base by the Ministry of Commerce, which will inject new kinetic energy for anxi Rattan & Iron home craft to the world. As an important carrier for the organic combination of industry and trade, the foreign trade transformation and upgrading base is a powerful trigger for promoting the high-quality development of trade, and plays a positive role in promoting the innovative development of foreign trade, transformation and upgrading, and stabilizing the industrial chain and supply chain. In recent years, the quanzhou always depends on the characteristics of industrial cluster, through establishing and perfecting the provincial, city and county levels linkage mechanism, promote the traditional industry to speed up the upgrading, emerging industries spanning development, give full play to the base of local economic radiation and leading role, promote base and surrounding areas to establish wider close cooperation, further promote the industry, technology, talents, science built strong industry chain.

Post time: Jul-23-2021