Must be alert! “M” “n” regardless of xiamen a foreign trade company lost millions

Must be alert to

The foreign trade company lost millions of dollars

Cheater USES high copy E-mail mailbox to pretend to be an overseas seller to urge payment, our city several companies in recruit.

Is “m” is not “n”, a small letter in the mailbox account is different, let xiamen this foreign trade company direct loss about one million yuan! Yesterday, the police issued an urgent reminder, swindlers targeted foreign trade companies, using high copy E-mail to send reminders, several foreign trade companies in the city.


High – quality email is one letter short of the real one used by British companies .

The “big net” of fraud has been spread since the end of last year.

In November 2019, a foreign trade company in xiamen reached a business cooperation with a British company. The two sides have agreed to deliver the goods between February and March 2020. It takes 30 days to ship the goods from Britain to China by sea, so the two companies agreed to pay within 60 days of the British company’s delivery. Between April and may this year, the foreign trade company made payments to the British company.

On May 18th this year, the payment for goods was settled. Around 16:00 on that day, the foreign trade company confirmed the payment for goods with the British company through the company’s email and WeChat. However, the British company claimed that, through checking the payment list, it was found that from April 9, 2020 to May 15, 2020, the foreign trade company had not received any payment! “

After we checked, we found that the receiving account you provided is not our company’s account at all.” The British company said. The relevant person in charge of this foreign trade company was startled, hurriedly check and verify, this just discovers the mailbox account that communicates with British company does have a problem indeed! “

Since February of this year, most of the emails we have received from our customers have been sent from a high imitation email box.” Afterwards, the relevant person in charge of the company told the police with remorse that the real email account of the British company and the high imitation email account of the swindler were both composed of 17 English letters, with only one letter missing in the middle — the middle of the real email account was “m”, while the high imitation email account was “n”.

That is to say, the xiamen foreign trade company that received the email from the high copy mailbox has transferred the payment for goods to the fraud account provided by the swindler one after another in a month since April this year, with a total transfer of nearly one million yuan!

The foreign trade company called the police on Monday after realizing it had been cheated out of a huge loan.


Use different contacts

Repeat confirmation of transactions

“Recently, the city has appeared a number of foreign trade companies against the ‘fake email’ fraud, the specific method is: steal the company and customer information, forged a similar name of high imitation E-mail, public account and other customer information, to demand payment for goods and other reasons to implement fraud. Police analysis. Here, the police reminds, in this kind of con trick, cheater steals company and customer data first, forge the E-mail address with close name (mailbox name adds a dot, underline, case), enter mailbox list in advance through a variety of methods. Therefore, any mail exchanges must check the mailbox name, do not regularly change the mailbox password.

In addition, a liar when you transfer, will use credit account with the same name but different account with customers and to worth of payment for goods such as grounds for a transfer, foreign trade companies from foreign customers relating to the transfer remittance request email, be sure to verify the mail source and bank account information, the company involved in capital account transactions between us, we must repeat and confirm through different connection way.


Post time: May-26-2020